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Part Visionary physicists, part hands-on committed entrepreneur Alexander Voigt is one of maybe a dozen or so people on the planet we have to thank for competitive clean energy systems in general and cheap solar PV in particular. Over three decades Alex has founded over a dozen trailblazing companies including solar record setters SOLON and Q-Cells and battery storage pioneer Younicos. Starting from backyards in dreary 1980s West-Berlin, he build billion-dollar companies with a unique combination of vision, technical understanding and leadership. A committed green entrepreneur he has continuously invested the proceeds of each venture to drive clean technology to the next level. Since 2013 Alex developed, and is currently bringing to market, patented, sector-coupling combined heat and power (CHP) metal-based storage technology - which is key to effectively integrating rising shares of renewables into our energy systems. In addition Alex also recently founded and heads the award-winning decentral utility GRIPS, which aims to scale the market for clean energy microgrids by pooling projects and offering competitive clean energy in off/weak-grid regions and thus enable economic development.