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Cibele Salviatto holds a BA in business administration from FGV, a first tier university in Brazil, and dedicated 15 years of her life to mainstream corporate business. She went up the ladder from business analyst for Investment banks to become a Venture Capital Director in one of the largest Brazilian companies.

In 2001 Cibele quit the financial market and launched a pioneer Corporate Sustainability Consultancy, which, for 12 years, contributed with big corporations such as Natura, Alcoa, and Fibria (formerly Aracruz) in their sustainability strategic planning, reporting, and stakeholder engagement.

In the last 20 years, Cibele studied and practiced a self development and spiritual journey called Pathwork, which enabled her to pursue the path of her heart, and to become an Integral Coach.

Currently, she is focused on enhancing a methodology she developed called "Sustainability from Within”. It consists of a process birthed of her own experience, analysis, and understanding of the real causes of our individual and collective suffering. It proposes an integrated way to find healing within as a way for us to drive a more effective and sustainable world.