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Edda Gottschaldt

Dr. med. Edda Gottschaldt is a specialist in pediatrics and a specialist in psychosomatic medicine. In 1984, her husband, Professor Matthias Gottschaldt, founded the Oberberg concept from which the Oberberg Clinics emerged, a group of psychosomatic intensive care clinics with a focus on the treatment of addictions. After the sudden death of her husband in 1998, she became the sole owner and head of the hospital group, which she successfully developed and expanded in the name of an integrative and holistic treatment model. She is a pioneer in the field of mindfulness-based procedures in psychosomatics and psychotherapy, which she introduced 20 years ago in her clinics. With numerous congresses, among others her congress "Meditation and Science", she brings together leading personalities from the fields of meditation, psychology, psychosomatics, psychotherapy and science in Berlin every year. She also founded the Oberberg Foundation and the Oberberg Academy to provide physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists the opportunity to train in mindfulness-based procedures. In 2012, she sold the clinics to devote herself entirely to the next project that she been contemplating for the last 20 years: to create a place where people are accompanied through psychological crises in a multidisciplinary context, using the latest scientific knowledge from nutritional medicine, psychosomatics, Psychotherapy and mindfulness-based intervention. Retirement is unthinkable.