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Hans-Martin Weiss

Hans-Martin Weiss is the commercial director of TRIAD Berlin and also privately an enthusiast of the Berlin Future Forum. He has more than twenty years of experience in founding and managing new businesses, startups, and leading takeovers and turnarounds to success. He occupied top management positions in the renewable energies, the hydraulics and the aluminum industries. Formerly a consultant with BCG and McKinsey & Company, he holds degrees in business (BBA, MBA [IMD]), an MPhil (MSM) in social sciences, and graduated from the AMP (174) program at Harvard Business School. As a Navy Captain (reserve), he was lecturing at the staff college of the German forces in the field of conflict resolution, climate change and failing states, which he considers interlinked and desperately needing new solutions. He currently serves as a supervisory board member of Greenpeace Germany, where he provides his experience helping to advance the protection of the environment and mankind.