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Jonathan is a Berlin based coach and facilitator. He works with leaders and innovators from all fields in the process of transforming self, business and society.

With his Conscious Creation Program he supports pioneers, innovators and artists who are riding the waves of transformation in this exponentially changing world. By taking full responsibility for their creation they wake up to dance the dance of evolution consciously.

His main professional focus is on collective leadership and he is a co-founder and member of the board of Leadership³ e.V. One of the missions of this association is to support individuals and organizations in creating safe spaces for personal and consciousness development. While many consultants focus on structures and methods, Jonathan emphasizes the inner work necessary on a personal and cultural level to implement transformative change in organizations towards agility and self-organization.

He graduated from Business at the University of Göttingen and worked as an entrepreneur, consultant and project manager for international NGOs. He has lectured at several universities and is a facilitator in two coaching trainings.

Jonathan is an advocate for honesty and vulnerability to encourage human connections beyond masks. He believes that these connections based on trust and respect will be the source for innovation in the future.

He won several nationwide innovation awards and recently received the XING New Work Award with his team.