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Melanie Mortiboys

Melanie Mortiboys is pioneering the future of holistic cancer treatment and the integration of instinct and intuition with intellect and science by embodying it herself. She trained as an actress and is a mother. She is both a Pilates teacher and a Bowen therapist, healing by stimulating the body to self-heal. In December 2015, she received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

She decided she would not receive surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy as advised by doctors from the top hospitals in London. She searched the scientific literature and internet for non-harmful, holistic ways to treat cancer of which there are many with varying degrees of evidence. She has had High Frequency Focussed Ultrasound to ablate the tumour and is taking several other cutting edge medical treatments. She transformed her diet, exercise, spiritual, psychological, family and social self. She has transcended fear using techniques she learned in her youth.

On a daily basis, she uses her instinct, intuition, heart intelligence and gut instinct, combined with logic, reason and scientific analysis to guide her for each decision. In healing herself, she has come through with powerful insights and a positive future vision for the future of cancer treatment and prevention and the power of the body to heal. She is currently writing her story.