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Michael Bornhäusser

Michael Bornhäusser is a serial entrepreneur started his first tech-venture in 1994 in Switzerland with the co-founding of MMK AG which became Pixelpark Switzerland. Pixelpark was floated in 1999 at the German Stock Exchange. After co- founding and leading SDC AG and DWS AG, two mobile centric entertainment technology companies sold to Packet Video in 2007/8, he moved from the operational side of the business to investing with his first venture capital club deal in Ubiquisys which was sold 2013 to Cisco for USD 310M. With the aquisition of the P&P Privatbank in Zurich by Michael and his partners, Sallfort Privatbank AG was born in 2012 where he established the new department "Private Equity, Products & Services" the new home for VC Club deals in the TMT sector with Investments in Lending Club, Rocket Lawyer, Seal Software, etc. Michael holds several board seats, and was the founding president of i-net Innovation Networks, the Swiss innovation development platform of the Swiss governement