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Mira Joy Vivant

Mira Joy Vivant was born in Serbia (former Yugoslavia). She worked as a marketing executive for several multinational corporations and lived in several different countries in Europe before leaving the corporate world and moving to the United States.

Mira is a passionate proponent of the idea that each and every human being has the responsibility as well as the right to pursue and attain the highest fulfillment of his or her dreams and visions. Her work is dedicated to empowering people to live a purposeful, meaningful, and playful life.

Based on her transcultural perspective and understanding of the fundamental workings of the human nature, she has developed a unique philosophy, which she calls “Joyology” — the art and science of living a truly joyful life.

As a future trend researcher, she researched esoteric truths and other dimensional existence through personal experience as well as philosophical and scientific research in cosmology and life in the rest of the universe.

Her latest project is the AWARENESS ART multi-sensory experience exhibition of visual art, music, clothing, fragrance and sweets, covering all senses of our experience in the 3D environment, created for the purpose of elevating human awareness to the higher reaches of human consciousness.

Mira is the founder of the AWARENESS ART Project, as well as the vice president of Vision-In-Action, LLC, an organization dedicated to the transformation of humanity and the world through the evolution of human consciousness and the creation of a new omnicentric societal architecture.