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Sabine Fischer

Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer is business consultant and professor of the idea economy in digital transformation. Her focus in both her teaching and her business consultancy is the design and quality assurance of innovations.

Sabine Fischer‘s work is based on the IDEA-DESIGN research approach for strategic value development of ideas and the assessment of their explicit quality in both the development stage and ongoing market presence. As a result of her HABIT HACKING methodology, she consequently leverages innovation potentials by breaking habitual thinking patterns and redesigning traditional perceptual patterns to be future-proof.

She teaches, manages learning modules and responsibly creates study program concepts to Universities in Germany and Switzerland and holds guest lectures at international Universities. Currently, she is developing lifelong learning concepts for companies and their employees. She is member of the advisory board of the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Munich and the Purpose Foundation.

Sabine Fischer is a presenter and speaker at trade conventions and is the author of numerous publications. She was recognized in 2004 with the Grimme Award.